Can I Help?


Is This You?

You have school-age children.

You can't work and provide unless you have some plan for them.

Last term went badly, and so far your school doesn't have anything better in the works for the upcoming term.

According to USAToday

The pandemic has been incredibly challenging for working parents, especially single working parents.

Some families are "podding up."

Interest in additional, at-home educational support has flooded social media over the past few weeks. One Facebook group called Pandemic Pods had more than 26,000 members as of Saturday.

The trend is in part a reaction to the general feeling that online school this spring was awful, with disengaged and lonely students, hours of schoolwork, unreasonable expectations for parents and, in many cases, little new learning for children. Parents want this school year to be different. Many of them work and can't manage their kids schoolwork alone.

What are learning pods?

A learning pod is a small group of families with similar-aged children that agree to do supplementary learning or complete at-home coursework together. Often the families hire a teacher or tutor to lead instruction and help students with assignments.

The hope is kids can have some social interaction with less coronavirus exposure, and the parents don't have to personally manage every day's schoolwork for their child.

"In-home teaching is very attractive to me," said one mother. It allows my son to socialize. It allows my son an actual teacher to come in and give him what I think he needs to be on par with his age group.

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About Me


Maybe I can help?

I've been teaching online since 2005. Most recently I've been tutoring Pre-Calculus (a review of all your high school math).

In this pandemic and quarantine...

All bets are off now, aren't they, in this pandemic and quarantine? I don't want to see our kids stopped by this.

Let's talk about your needs. Maybe I can help.

Let's talk about your needs. Maybe I can help.

Most math and science

In a pinch I can tutor most math and science.

Most grade levels

At most grade levels.

English too

I can help with English too. Lit and composition. I went to Princeton Grad School thinking I would teach college Shakespeare. As an honors student I carried a double major, math and English. I've written some books for Kindle. I know the tools and methods.

Let's talk about your needs. Maybe I can help.

Let's talk about your needs. Maybe I can help.

I'm a parent too

My daughter recently graduated from Pawling High. I would hate to see this pandemic stop our kids.

At half my usual rate

I know money is a problem for everyone now, especially parents. I'm retired now. I can afford to take half my usual rate.

Online or on-site or both?

Online tutoring is great for math. Math has so many good tools online. Other subjects? Not so much.

How to get ahead during all this

Online tools are good for groups, between in-person sessions. I know the tools.


Yo estoy aprendiendo español. I read German and some French. I'm learning Spanish.

Language tools online

You'll find great language tools online. I know the tools.

Let's talk about your needs. Maybe I can help.

Let's talk about your needs. Maybe I can help. Click Contact. Let's talk.

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